Augh aye – don’t be a wee jessie, try our Dutch Highland Games activity and you can see if you’ve got the strength and agility to win!

Dutch Highland Games in Amsterdam is your chance to go all Braveheart put on kilts (seriously!) and play some awesome games – such as the traditional tug of war and the stone put! Team work and a desire to beat your enemy and triumph is how you’ll win the day – this one is for true Scotsmen and wannabe Scotsmen alike.

You will get to play the following games:

Tug of war
Archery Tag
Stone throwing
Traditional Dutch bicycle throwing
Four lap run
Axe throwing

Note: the activity is outdoors, and is ideal for large groups (20 or so) and you will be split into teams. Also trained instructors will show you how to do these activities safely.

Kilts will have to be returned at the end of the activity!