from: £244

VIP Amsterdam Wipeout

This is for groups who want the total deal, the VIP Amsterdam Wipeout. This is not a city to hold back in, and blow-by-blow Amsterdam delivers all you want, from...
from: £213

Dutch Smurf Joke

Ah, the Dutch Smurf joke, a stag comedy basic. You get to chain the little fellah to your mate for an extended period of time. Smurfs have very little tolerance, please...
from: £179

Beers, Babes & Bullets

The Holy Trinity of stag weekends: Beer, Babes & Bullets! Our experience has taught us these are the vital basic ingredients for a memorable stag weekend, though not in the...
from: £188

Villy Van Vankered Veekend

First, you'll be half-Vankered by the motorsport, then you'll be completely Vankered in the pubs and bars afterwards. Come to Amsterdam with Pissup and we guarantee to get you completely...
from: £89

Basic Survival

Times might be hard, but that is no reason to not have a stag weekend in Amsterdam that will not be forgotten. Or maybe it will? Depends on how much...