Bang bang bang! Try one of the most famous weapons in the world!

Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to fire the AK-47, the most prestigious and popular full assault rifle - as Samuel L. Jackson says in "Jackie Brown" 'The best there is...except no substitute.' This iconic 20th century weapon has been used by real life rebels, computer games heroes and movie villans alike, so its a must to experience this on your stag weekend in Bratislava.

The Ultimate AK-47 Shooting in Bratislava Experience!

You will be collected from your hotel by a friendly local guide. They will take you via private transport to the shooting range. Once there, you'll receive instruction from a professional...and then it's on to the shooting fun!

You'll each get to try 4 different weapons with 43 bullets (in total) and for those looking to emulate your favourite action movie stars you are able to purchase extra rounds at the range. After you're done you'll get to take home your targets as a souvenir! Aside from the great AK, you'll also get to try the following weapons:

  • AK-47 Assault rifle cal. 7.62x39mm (17 shots)
  • AR-15 rifle cal.9mm (10 shots)
  • Skorpion submachine gun cal. 7.65mm (10 shots)
  • Ruger revolver cal.38 Special (6 shots)

Note: Return transport is included in the activity price.