"The AK-47, the best there is" as Samuel L. Jackson says in 'Jackie Brown', "Accept no substitute."

And on this awesome activity: you won't have to! Shooting Guns in Bratislava is an experience you won't want to miss. Your local guide will pick you and the lads up at your hotel and take you via private minibus to the shooting range, located not far from central Bratislava.

At the range trained-professionals will be on hand to guide you through an array of weapons - how to lock, load and fire them safely - until you get to the big beast A.K.A. the AK! But trust us, you when we tell you, you won't be bored with the other weapons on offer before the AK-47.

More Info

Each of you will get to shoot with 5 different weapons, there is total of 53 bullets for each person. You'll get to take home your targets as a souvenir!

Weapons included in the activity:

AK-47 assault rifle, cal. 7.65x39 - 20 shots Skorpion submachine gun, cal.7.65 - 10 shots CZ pistol, cal. 9 mm - 10 shots Colt 1911, cal. 45 ACP - 7 shots Ruger revolver, cal. 38 Special - 6 shots

For obvious reasons you need to be sober to do this activity.