3 Star Hotel accommodation on Stag Do

3 star hotel in Bratislava

This option is for those who fancy a few home comforts. Pissup will place you in a 3 star hotel or apartment, with everyone getting a single bed. The venues are always stag party friendly and central to the action, meaning no long journeys home at the end of the night.

Our guides help you to check in and are on call 24/7 in case you encounter any problems. Each person also receives a ‘Get Me Home’ card. If you still manage to get lost…there’s generally not much hope for you!

    Reasons why booking accommodation with us is the best deal!
  • 1. hti-party
    Stag Friendly Hotel Where party groups are welcome.
  • 2. hti-save
    Save, Save, Save! Save £ on your activities by booking a package deal.
  • 3. hti-location
    Great Location Central location, so you save time and money on taxis.
  • 4. hti-guide
    24/7 Assistance Guide & "Get Home"-cards, to you on your trip.
  • 5. hti-years
    15 yr experience Easy & Safe to book with experienced stag company.
  • 6. hti-trust
    Full Pissup Experience Tried and tested! 9.5 on Trustpilot.
  • 7. hti-flexbooking
    Flexible Booking Terms Much better than a hotel booking site.

Activities Included

Mud Wrestling Bratislava girls - Pissup

Babes In The Mud

Quick overview:
  • Friendly Local Pissup Guide
  • 2 Sexy Girls in Bikini
  • Girls Only Mud Wrestling Show (2 rounds)
  • Mud Wrestling - Girls vs Stag (3 rounds)
  • Shower & Towels
Short description:
Girls + mud = a night to remember!Enjoy a night of debauchery worthy of a rock star! This is the kind of what happens on tour stays on tour night that you'll be talk
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Bar and nightclub and strip club  tour in Bratislava

Partyslava Night

Quick overview:
  • A local English speaking guide
  • Bar with 1 Beer each
  • Strip bar entry + Welcome shot
  • Nightclub entry
Short description:
Experience the best of Bratislava's night life in one night. Start with one of the best pubs in Bratislava's centre, where you will get a FREE beer.   Now, are you ready for some beautiful
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AK47 Shooting in Bratislava on Stag Do

AK-47 Extreme Shooting

Quick overview:
  • Friendly Guide
  • Private Transport
  • 4 Different Weapons / 43 Bullets total
  • AK-47 Assault rifle, cal. 7.62x39 - 17 shots
  • AR-15 rifle, cal.9mm - 10 shots
  • Skorpion submachine gun, cal.7.65 - 10 shots
  • Ruger revolver, cal.38 Special - 6 shots
  • Professional Instructor
  • Targets
Short description:
Bang bang bang! Try one of the most famous weapons in the world! Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to fire the AK-47, the most prestigious and popular full assault rifle - as Samuel
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Bratislava Bridge Swinging on Stag Weekend

Bridge Swinging

Quick overview:
  • Guide
  • Public transport
  • 1 Bridge jump each.
  • Instructor & safety equipment
Short description:
Try Bridge Swinging in Bratislava if you're looking for an adrenaline-charged experience. This is not for the feint-hearted or those scared of heights! You won't need you car keys for this k
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Erotic Club in Bratislava for Stag Do

Deluxe Erotic Night

Quick overview:
  • Friendly Local Guide
  • Entrance to Bratislava's Most Exclusive Erotic Club
  • Free Welcome Shot
  • Reserved Tables
Short description:
Experience Bratislava's most exclusive erotic club for the night! This is a chance for you and the lads to feel like bosses for the evening, watching an erotic show in an luxury enviornment
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Where do the truly hardcore go when they think they've done it all? To Bratsilava that's where: Totally Slovakered is pretty extreme. More having it large, more A, T and F (for 'fun' - steady on now...). Most lads who come here will stay up all weekend and leave in a trance - and we'll show you why we live up to the name Pissup!

This hardcore stag weekend is not for the feint hearted. You'll get a chance to try one of the most famous guns in movie and world history: the AK-47, the gun of freedom fighters and Cold War villans alike! And if you fancy the idea of feeling like a spy in the movies then with our Bridge Swinging activity you'll get to dive into the abyss (safely of course!). All that adrenaline madness is sure to get your apetite for babes and booze up, that's why Partyslava and Babes in the Mud is the perfect evenings entertainment after all that jumping and shooting. Forward march weekend warriors!

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