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3 star hotel in Budapest

This option is for those who fancy a few home comforts. Pissup will place you in a 3 star hotel or apartment, with everyone getting a single bed. The venues are always stag party friendly and central to the action, meaning no long journeys home at the end of the night.

Our guides help you to check in and are on call 24/7 in case you encounter any problems. Each person also receives a ‘Get Me Home’ card. If you still manage to get lost…there’s generally not much hope for you!

Activities Included

Budapest Package one way transfer Supplied

Package one way transfer

Package bookings only! To be added when group has also booked alternative transfer on arrival/Departure. This activity provides a one-way-trip transport from the airport to the group's hotel in Budapest. Does not include a trip back from hotel to airport.

Quick overview:
  • Pick up at Airport/Hotel for one way transfer.
Budapest Bar Guide & VIP Strip Club Supplied

Bar Guide & VIP Strip Club

Hit the ground running with our Pissup Bar Guide & VIP strip club experience. Local knowledge is what Pissup is about and we ensure that you will avoid overrated, rip-off venues in the Hungarian capital. We don't take commissions from anywhere so you know you'll be getting unbiased a

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Quick overview:
  • 1 Local Pissup Guide per 12 people
  • Minimum 4 hours
  • VIP entry to the best strip club.
  • VIP Room in the strip club.
  • FREE Second drink in the Strip Club
  • Stag On Stage show in VIP room.
girl with dollar bill in her pants

Steak & Tits

Exactly what it know the rest! Everything a red blooded male needs for a Budapest stag do. Quality red meat in a fillet steak and chips dinner, washed down with 2 large beers finished off with a sensational lesbian show never to be forgotten! Pissup only uses girls from the num

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Quick overview:
  • Local Friendly Pissup Guide
  • City Centre restaurant
  • 2 large beers
  • Fillet steak dinner
  • Full On Lesbian Show.
  • Best Strippers Budapest has to offer
sexy hitchhiker showing her assets SHT

Sexy Hitch Hiker

Funny how our buses always come across these sexy girls stranded by the side of the road in the Hungarinan capital. Even stranger is how as soon as they hear music, their clothes fall off!   Price is per Sexy hitch hiker. Book now to ensure that you get to meet a sexy hitch hiker on your weekend

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Quick overview:
  • Local Friendly Pissup Guide
  • Sexy Hitcher Stripper
  • Collect with Airport Limo or Bus
Budapest Players Limo Supplied

Players Limo

Are you real players? Want to make an entrance? Look no further! This stunning Ford Excursion Super limo is true Vegas style transport. Add a stripper or 2 to this transfer and let them help you pop your corks! (See extras below) Also available for 1 hour city tours. For different size groups try our other limo options Pissup only uses girls

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Quick overview:
  • Local Friendly Pissup Guide
  • Ford Excursion Super Limo hire
  • 1 bottle Bubbly
  • Like the looks of the destination but don’t like our combinations of accommodation and activities? Click on the red tab titled ‘Build your own’ above and follow three simple three steps to build the perfect stag weekend exactly as you want it.

Roll like a Rockstar with this Pimped up Pissup package. You'll be met on arrival in the city by a Limo & bottle of bubbly to set you on the way, and you'll pick up a girl on the way to the hotel for a ride to remember. Next, onto our famous Steak & Tits, where you'll get fully loaded with a couple of hot Hungarian honeys. To make it complete we give you our famous Pissup Bar Guide with VIP Strip club activity to make your weekend one to remember. And to finish off we'll take you back to the airport for your return journey. Book now to guarantee availability.