Indulge in some unique pampering on your Prague stag weekend away with this amazing beer spa experience.

The day consists going to an awesome Prague beer spa, unlimited consumption of light and dark Krušovice® beer, sauna in an original barrel-shaped hop sauna, cooling using traditional oak buckets, relaxation in a genuine wheat straw bed by a warm fireplace and a sample of some home-made beer bread.

Beer Spa - bathe in hand-made royal oak tubs filled with the natural extracts used to brew Czech Krušovice® beer - selected varieties of hops, brewer’s yeast and malt. During the beer spa, guests can draw and enjoy an unlimited amount of genuine Czech Krušovice® beer.

DURING THE TREATMENT YOU WILL HAVE THE ENTIRE SPA FOR YOURSELVES! There is no need to bring anything along - we provide guests with cotton towels and sheets, linen blankets and basswood slippers.