Lez get ready to fumbllllle!

This is certainly one of the funniest activites that we offer on a Prague stag weekend.

Our Guide will meet your group at the hotel and escort you to the venue. On arrival you will receive a free welcome drink (shot or beer) for each of the group. The show can now commence!

At first there is a nice long lesbian show warm-up round (10 minutes) and then a no-holds barred mud wrestling match, which at some point will change from a fair 1 on 1 (girls) to a handicap match of 2 girls vs the stag.

After probably the greatest laugh in your life, the stag will receive a clean bathrobe, flip flops, shower and towels. Meanwhile the rest of you can enjoy some more drinks at the bar.

NOTE: The wrestling takes place in Jello not Mud.