Stag Party Advice

A stag party is a big deal! If you are the stag then it is your last chance to really go wild before putting on your slippers and settling down. If you are the best man it is the last chance you have to make sure your best mate has the time of his life before you never see him in a bar again.

At we have 10 years of experience arranging bangin Stag Weekends! Here are some basic things to remember when you are choosing what you are going to need: 

BEERS  -  You are going to need bars, clubs and wicked nightlife, and maybe a few beers? But you are going to a city you have never seen. No worries! You do the drinking, we do the thinking. We have Bar Guide and  nightlife tours  in every destination to ensure you do not waste your valuable drinking time just looking for a descent watering hole.

BABES -   It's a Stag Night! You will need Tits & Ass. Each Pissup city has a variety of ways to see top quality babes! Add  titties to meals, ass to buses or go to straight to the  best strip clubs  available. We pride ourselves on being top tottie experts and have tested all venues for their quality and service.

BULLETS -   Everyone should shoot a gun once in his life, but having something to do is not just about Bullets. Apart from the usual mix of karts, paintballski and guns, we have from the  extreme to the  bizarre. All our activities are designed to make the weekend special. Try and make as much as possible a suprise for the stag. It adds to the fun to see his reactions to what is planned.

  • Beers
  • Babes
  • Bullets
£ 419
/Group of 16 pax
Beer Bike
£ 14
/person min. 5
Party Group Bar Crawl
£ 10
/person min. 5
Bar Guide & VIP Strip Club
£ 18
/person min. 4
Beers N Bowling
£ 51
/person min. 8
Steak & Tits
£ 215
Stag Revenge
£ 39
/person min. 10
Babes In The Mud
£ 27
/person min. 8
Hot Lesbian Strip show
£ 249
Sexy Maids
£ 135
Fake Bride
£ 12
/person min. 5
Strip Club Entrance
£ 73
/person min. 8
Stag Strip Yachting
£ 63
/person min. 8
Commando Killing House
£ 39
/person min. 8
Airsoft Assault
£ 29
/person min. 6
Paintball Assault
£ 60
/person min. 7
Kalashnikov Extreme