Like cool blondes – not just the female types?! Then discover how they are delicately crafted on a visit to one of Stuttgart’s microbreweries.

You will visit three microbreweries, taking guided tours where you will learn a whole heap of interesting facts about the art of brewing and the history of these micro breweries. You’ll also each receive a booklet each giving you a more in-depth info on the history of beer in Stuttgart – its breweries and beerhalls.

While you take the tours you’ll also play some fun beer-related games!

A tour isn’t all you get either! Your group will get 5 litres of beer to share, plus 6 “test” beers in total during the brewery tours, AND a shot each in the last brewery. Loads of booze!

Send us a short booking request and beer fun begin! If you can’t have enough of the cool blonde (who can), then check out our ” Sightbeering” or our pubs and beer hall tours. We look forward to hearing from you!