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Relieving wedding day stress
December 24, 2015 | in: Blog

Most budding grooms suffer from nerves ahead of the big day as well as the usual stress and, of course, excitement.

But after enjoying an incredible Budapest stag do with your mates, the nerves and pressure really heat up on both the groom and the best man, but do not fear as we have come to your rescue!

To help you sail through all your wedding stuff we have asked a range of experts about what you can do to relieve wedding day stress and nerves.

So if you don’t want to be like this unfortunate fellow…

… we suggest you read on.

Be mindful of food and drink

It is very easy to let food slip down the list of priorities when you are organising a wedding, but it is vital that you get enough nutrients as this could be the difference between you feeling great on the big day or feeling over-tired and over-worked.


Jo Travers, from the Harley Street Nutritionist said, “Iron carries oxygen around the body to all the organs including the brain. If too little is eaten it can cause tiredness, lethargy and even dizziness – the exact opposite of what you need for getting hitched without a hitch.

“Iron comes from red meat, beans, pulses, dark green leafy vegetables and fortified foods such as white flour products and breakfast cereals. Iron from meat is readily absorbed but iron from plant sources requires vitamin C to convert it to a useable form. Adding some fruit and vegetables alongside will aid this process. Iron absorption is hindered by tannins, which are found in tea, and also by calcium so it’s a good idea to separate dairy and iron-rich foods sometimes.”

Jo Travers


Laura Clark, from LEC Nutrition, advises the groom and other wedding goers to take in plenty of magnesium to calm the nerves on the big day.

She added, “This helps to relax muscles and is also important for a good night’s sleep the night before.”

Laura Clark added that snacks containing foods rich in magnesium, which will serve you well as you prepare to say ‘I do’, include:

– Bananas
– Seed bars e.g. 9-bar
– Wholegrain cereal with milk
– Wholemeal toast and peanut butter
– Handful of nuts

Laura Clark


The Harley Street Nutritionist’s Jo Travers says the brain’s favourite energy source is glucose, so carbohydrates are therefore important.

“As the body doesn’t keep large stores of carbs it’s necessary to get them from the diet at regular intervals. Everyone needs about five portions the size of their fist of carbohydrates every day, such as bread, rice, cereals, potatoes or pasta: some at each meal and the odd snack. This helps keep blood glucose levels nice and even, the brain alert, and hunger (and hunger-related mood swings) at bay. So please no carb-dodging diets!”


When it comes to eating breakfast, Jo Travers says that breakfast ahead of the big day is essential.

She added, “Anything is better than nothing, but some slow-release carbohydrates such as in whole grain cereals and toast or porridge are ideal. Avoid anything with lots of sugar as this can contribute to irregular blood glucose levels. Adding some protein will keep them fuller for longer, eggs on granary toast is the breakfast of kings.”



Most people now know how important it is to keep hydrated, especially if you are a groom or best man, as you both need to keep concentrated for your speech – even mild dehydration can cause all kinds of problems with concentration and energy levels.

Jo Travers says, “Sipping fluids regularly throughout the day is the most effective way of keeping hydrated, but very sugary drinks may have the opposite effect. Juice is not hydrating, as it tends to draw fluids into the digestive tract rather than the other way around. Thirst is actually not the first dehydration signal. Early signs of dehydration can be quite subtle and non-specific such as fatigue, a lack of concentration and headaches.”

Food on the wedding day

When the big day arrives it can cause chaos with your nerves, but in terms of food it is important to try and eat whatever you can, whether it be a small snack or something more substantial.

Jo Travers, who also runs the London Nutritionist site, adds, “When you eat it will depend a bit on the timings of the ceremony and reception but make sure you have a good breakfast. Try to stick to small meals and top up with snacks. Keep well hydrated – this will help prevent any hangovers the next day too.

“When it’s over, you can cut loose and eat whatever you want, food is about celebration as well as nutrients!”

You must relax

The build-up to a wedding is stressful and when the actual day of the wedding arrives it can often come to a climax.

The Vivamus Psychologists advise grooms, best men, brides and bridesmaids to try some basic relaxation techniques.

Dr. Marie Thompson, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist at Vivamus Psychologists, says, “Relaxation techniques, such as abdominal breathing or visual imagery, can also help prevent the build-up of stress. These techniques need to be practiced regularly to be most effective.”

Relaxing on your wedding day is important

Delegating jobs will help you

Another important tip for the groom and best man to follow is to delegate jobs to other close friends and family as this will help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by the day that is supposed to be one of the happiest of your life.

Vivamus Psychologists, add, “Ask others to do some of the tasks for you. For example, writing the name places, picking up the suits, ordering babysitters etc.

“It is important that when you delegate you trust others to make the right decision and to do the job on time. Try not to feel guilty about delegating – other people often like to be involved and to feel that they are helping with the special day.”

Don’t avoid jobs

Vivamus Psychologists also recommend that in the build-up to the wedding; grooms, best men and brides do not avoid jobs that they know are going to be stressful.

Dr. Marie Thompson, said, “Avoidance of a stressful activity, whether it be the planning, the awkward discussions with friends or family about where they are sitting, or the choosing of vows, only makes the stress increase.”

Making your wedding speech perfect

The groom, best man and father of the bride speeches can often cause anxiety for all three people, but there are ways to reduce stress levels for all three.

Wedding speeches

Think about your audience

The best man’s speech is usually the most eagerly anticipated of all the speeches at a wedding as it is expected to rip into the groom. This, however, is dangerous territory as you need to consider your audience and must remember that the room will be filled with family and friends of the bride and groom.

So if you are considering telling that story about the strippers the groom had on his stag do in Krakow, it might be worth skipping that and telling some other funny stories you have up your sleeve. Try to fit in stories that everyone in the room can relate to.

Consider the length of your speech

There is nothing worse than rambling on in your speech so aim for it to be 5-10 minutes long as you will find that it takes longer on the day after all the laughing (hopefully) and cheering.

Practice, practice, practice

If you have it in your head that as the best man you are going to roll up and smash the speech, then you need to think again.

You need to practice your speech as the more you practice the more you can learn it off by heart. Then instead of reading it off of your sheet, you can look up at the guests you are speaking to.

Image Credit: The Harley Street Nutritionist, LEC Nutrition, Antti T. Nissinen, Take Back Your Health Conference, Christopher Head (flickr.com)

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Top wedding destinations
October 27, 2015 | in: Blog

As much as you might want it to be, the “big day” isn’t actually your stag do, but the day you get hitched. You might already have some pretty epic ideas about the stag do, but you might need some inspiration for some awesome wedding destinations.

So if you are a bit of a travel junkie then you should not just consider organising a stag party abroad, but should also think about getting married at a unique location that is different from the more traditional wedding.

So before organising a Budapest stag do, your attentions should be focused on making your big day special and here we take you through 10 wedding destinations that we think put the ‘awe’ in awesome.

Married over Manhattan

Liberty Helicopters, the sightseeing and charter service, offers couples the chance to celebrate their wedding vows in a private helicopter overlooking the most captivating skyline in the world; Manhattan.

The Married over Manhattan trip from Liberty Helicopters is an 18-20 minute flight that costs just $2,095 (approximately £1,365). The personalised ceremony will fly above the famous Hudson River all the way up to the George Washington Bridge and even catch a glimpse of the Yankee Stadium, the Statue of Liberty and the MetLife Stadium where the 2014 Super Bowl was held.

Married over Manhattan

New York is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and the perfect spot for the wedding of your dreams, but if you haven’t even proposed yet then try Liberty Helicopters Aerial Engagement tours, which allows you to take your sweetheart to new heights and a romantic and creative way to pop the question.

Eldorado Ghost Town

Eldorado Ghost Town, also known as Nelson Ghost Town, offers couples the chance to get married in an abandoned town in the desert.

This historic and unique location that is just outside of Las Vegas, is famed for being home to an old gold mine is actually a popular location for weddings.


For an exuberant wedding you can get married at Eldorado Ghost Town for just $1,785 (approximately £1,163) with LV Wedding Connection. This particular package includes the happy couple getting a limousine service to Nelson, a wedding ceremony in the mine, a Minister to perform the ceremony, a tour of the mine, a Bridal Bouquet, a professional photographer, a commemorative Champagne Toast for the newlyweds, a snack tray and a heart wedding cake.

Ice Hotel

If you really do want a genuine white wedding then the Ice hotel in Sweden should be at the top of your list.

This is the world’s first ice hotel and what makes it even more unique is the fact that those who get married here can be safe in the knowledge that the church where you exchanged vows will have melted and returned to mother nature in the spring. The ice church, which accommodates around up to 40 people, has walls and ceilings made from snow and the altar details and benches made of ice.

Ice hotel

The crisp Ice Church and Ice hotel’s majestic main hall are truly unforgettable venues and if you want to get hitched at this magnificent venue then Ice hotel offers a wedding consultation service.

Getting married in the sky

Getting married around 50 metres in the air might seem a bit unrealistic but it has become a reality now as Dinner in the Sky offers you the chance to get married above the Grand Canyon or the Venice lagoon whilst also being able to tuck into a delicious meal.

Couples can get married just as they would in church with a priest, witnesses, family members and friends, an organ, but in the clouds. If they wish, they can start their new life with a bungee jump as well.

Married in the sky

People can get hitched at Dinner in the Sky in 45 countries including, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, England, France, India, Brazil and Australia to name but a few. Dinner in the Sky is also based in the Czech Republic, which is ideal if you want to go on a stag do in Prague with your mates just before you get married, although I’m not sure how your head will feel on the day!

Carnglaze Caverns

If you want to have a wedding ceremony in the UK, but would still like it to be held at a unique location then Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall is a great option.

Carnglaze Caverns

Guests will be astounded by this magical underground ceremony and couples can choose to tie the knot in one of four locations in the caverns; The Rum Store Cavern, The Underground Lake, The Enchanted Dell or The Vine Conservatory.

London Eye

Imagine taking your vows 135 metres above London surrounded by friends, family and a stunning views of London as the backdrop for photographs, well that is what you can get at the Coca-Cola London Eye.

London Eye

Couples can have two rotations on the Coca-Cola London Eye as the first will involve the actual ceremony and signing of the register and the second rotation a more relaxed experience where the happy couple and their guests can enjoy some Pommery Brut Royal Champagne.

Crocodile Farm

Should you want to scare away unwanted guests at your wedding then not many gate crashers will fancy wading through crocodile infested waters at Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm at Western Cape in South Africa.

Whilst in reality the crocodiles are a safe distance away, the crocodile farm offers a unique wedding experience encompassing warm African hospitality, a breath-taking setting, and a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. The farm’s hall can fit up to 200 people for a wedding ceremony and if you are lucky enough you can even go on a guided tour of the croc infested waters that make-up the farm.

Shark tank

If you are a couple of thrill seekers then you should follow in the footsteps of some diving enthusiasts who had their very own underwater wedding in the Shark tank at Long Island Aquarium in New York.

Atlantis Banquets & Events, the catering division at the Long Island Aquarium, two or three times a year hold weddings at the Long Island Aquarium’s120,000 gallon shark tank. The Lost City of Atlantis Shark Exhibit is home to 8 circling sharks – 4 nurse sharks and 4 sand tiger sharks who average 300 pounds each, as well as a Queensland Grouper, Crevalle Jacks, Garibaldi, a Moray Eel and other fish.

Shark tank

The length of the Shark Dive Wedding ceremony depends on the couple, but most last between 20 and 30 minutes.

At an old public swimming pool

This may not initially sound awesome, but The Decorium as it is known has transformed from a public swimming pool for the local community into London’s foremost event and entertainments venue.

Room hire charges for a wedding at the venue vary from £4,100 in the week, which covers up to 500 guests, to £8,100 for weekend or bank holiday ceremonies.

The old swimming pool building has been lauded for its architecture and the venue has a number of suites that can hold weddings such as the Emperor suite and the more intimate Caesar suite.

The top of Mount Everest

Most weddings make people feel like they are on top of the world, but some people can actually say that as they have been married at the top of Mount Everest.

Whilst ascending to the top of the highest peak in the world may be a stretch too far for you and your partner you can instead get married at Mount Everest Base camp- a mere 5364 metres high!

Image Credit: Liberty Helicopters, LV Wedding Connection, Paulina Holmgren, Dinner in the Sky, Carnglaze Caverns, Coca-Cola London Eye, Atlantis Banquets & Events.

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