Dwarf Handcuff in Barcelona for Pissup Stag Dos

Dwarf Handcuff (1hr) in Barcelona

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Dwarf Handcuff (1hr) in Barcelona

What's Included

  • 1 hr. Dwarf Entertainer
Night Life

Arrested by a miniature cop! Don't be fooled by his size - he's a bad mo'fo who'll treat your stag like the (temporary) convict he is!

This is a classic stag prank to do on your Barcelona stag weekend.

Your guide will take you to a venue, where the stag will be blindfolded and fooled into thinking he’s going to see a hot strip show…and then the dwarf appears and handcuffs himself to the stag for 1 whole hour.

But don’t think just because he’s small he’s a push-over, our little friend will give your stag hell, forcing him to down his drinks, slapping him with his baton when he can’t keep up.

The group has the option of marching through the streets of Barcelona on a mini bar crawl or stay in the bar. The choice is yours!

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