Bubble Football in Benidorm
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Bubble Football in Benidorm

What's included

  • Zorb Suits
  • Pitch hire
  • Photographer at hand


Are you football crazy, football mad? Well how about having a five-a-side game in Benidorm on a stag do with a twist? A game of Bubble Football will have you, literally, rolling about laughing while you have a kick-a-bout.

Benidorm Bubble Football Mayhem!

After arriving at the pitch you’ll get into your Zorb suits, divide into teams and then let the match begin. There are a variety of different types of game you and the lads can play, including traditional five-a-side to the awesome ‘free for all’ where you get rid of the ball, all get into a circle, and after the whistle blows you can try and knock each other down! This is the perfect way to get your own back on your frienemies!

This game will help you laugh away your hangover. The guide will run through different playing options, but if you have your own ideas (like pranking the stag) you can try that too.

Note: transport to venue is included. Also there will be a photographer at hand to snap pictures of the fun!

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