Love Boat in Berlin
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Love Boat in Berlin


Rated  9.5/10 by our customers.

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What's included


Is a simple boat trip too boring for you? Then we have just the solution!

This cruise has a sexy little twist which ensures that this boat is driven by pure steam! For groups of guys we bring on board one of the sexiest babes that Berlin has to offer for a 15-minute showpiece. For female groups we have a chippendale whose body has more definition than a Greek God!

If one stripper is insufficient to satisfy your appetite then you can easily add one or two more!

You can choose whether the ride will last 1 ½, 2 or 3 hours. An experienced English speaking Berlin guide is on hand to deal with any questions or queries.

You can also book return transfers to and from the ship.

A maximum of 80 people can together enjoy this sexy boat tour. If you exceed this number...well then you are one cool cat!

Ship and Strip - a dream combination, right? Just send us a booking request and we will take care of your trip on board the Loveboat.

Build Your Own Package!

Ready to get pissed? Get in touch - call us on 020-7060-7060

Ready to get pissed? Get in touch - call us on 020-7060-7060