Oriental Dinner Show in Berlin
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Oriental Dinner Show in Berlin

What's included

Oriental dinner show

  • welcome tea, oriental show, live music, Start 19:30 end 22:30, table reservation Add 4-course menu
  • Arabian starters
  • Soup
  • Main dish: Chicken, vegetables & side dishes
  • Arabian dessert Drinks


Want to experience a thousand and one Arabian nights? Well our Oriental Dinner Show is a chance to go back to the time of Sinbad for the evening!

After a welcome tea worthy of an Arabian prince, you'll be set down at atmopsheric, themed table. After the dinner gong sounds you'll be treated to a live Middle Eastern music show, while you eat authentic cuisine of the East. A four course meal is available including starters, a choice of mains and dessert - all deliciously prepared in the traditional manner.

This the perfect activity for those who want a truly exotic experience on their last weekend of freedom!

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