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Pistol & Revolver Shooting in Berlin

Pistol & Revolver Shooting in Berlin

What's Included

  • .9 mm pistol (10 bullets)
  • .38 special revolver (10 bullets)
  • Instructor
  • Safety equipment
  • Overview

Pistol and revolver shooting in Berlin – try shooting famous handguns!

Ever shot a gun before? If you’re a Brit, with our tough gun laws, probably not. Well, now you can in this cool Berlin shooting activity. You and the lads will get taken to a conveniently located gun range, where you will all get a gun shooting two infamous handguns: the .9mm pistol and the .38 special revolver. There will be an instructor on hand to show you how to fire the weapons safely. And you will get 10 shots with each weapon!

The shooting range is located around 7km from the easy-to-find main street, Alexanderplatz.

Note: You will need to bring a Photo ID/Passports for proof of age.

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