Shooting event: Like in the movies in Berlin

Shooting event: Like in the movies in Berlin

What's Included

  • Instructor
  • Safety equipment
  • Guns + bullets (magnum 357 revolver (5 bullets) / 9 mm pistol (10 bullets) / Remington (10 bullets) / Kalashnikov (5 bullets) /
  • Overview

Shoot guns in Berlin – just like in the movies!

Now’s your chance to act out your favourite movie scenes with an awesome array of weapons. In this activty you will get a chance to shoot everything from the cowboy-esque Magnum 357 to the Soviet-style Kalashnikov. Whether you see yourself as a gun toting Sherrif in the wild west or as a Bond villan, you will be able to act out your boyhood fantasies! But shooting these weapons isn’t as easy as it looks on the movies – so there will be an instructor at hand to show you how to safely and effectively use the weapons.

Weapons you will shoot will include:

Magnum 357 (5 bullets)
Pistol 9mm (10 bullets)

Remington (10 bullets)

Kalashnikov (5bullets)

Shotgun (5 bullets)

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