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AK-47 Kick Ass in Brno

AK-47 Kick Ass in Brno

What's Included

  • Friendly female guide
  • Public transport
  • Professional instructor
  • Targets
  • Gun hire
  • 5 different weapons
  • 61 bullets
  • AK-47 assault rifle, cal. 7.62×39mm – 10 shots
  • Smith & Weston M&P15 semi-automatic rifle, cal. 22LR – 25 shots
  • Ruger GP100 double-action revolver, cal. 357 Magnum – 6 shots
  • Glock 17 pistol, cal. 9 mm Luger – 10 shots
  • PAR Mk3 rifle, cal. 223 Remington – 10 shots
  • Overview

AK-47: the big daddy of guns! "The best there is," as Samuel L. Jackon's character says in 'Jackie Brown' "Accept no substitute!"

And you won't have to! But when you book shooting in Brno with Pissup you'll get to try more than just the glorious AK. Weapons you will shoot include: Smith & Weston M&P15 semi-automatic rifle; Ruger GP100 double-action revolver; Glock 17 pistoll 9 mm Luger; and PAR Mk3 rifle, cal. 223 Remington.

If you've shot guns before don't worry, an instructor will be at hand to give the low down on how to shoot the guns safely. A friendly, female guide will take you and bring you back from to the location using public transport.

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