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Brewery Tour in Brno

Brewery Tour in Brno

What's Included

  • Friendly English-speaking guide
  • Tour of famous local brewery
  • Tour by qualified guides
  • 2 different beers to try
  • Overview

Find out why the Czechs drink more beer per capita than anywhere else in the world! Organise a Pissup in a Brewery with English-speaking experts, who’ll take you a tour of a famous local brewery in Brno!

How it Works

A friendly English-speaking guide will meet your group at the reception of your hotel. They’ll take you to a famous local brewery, located close to the city centre. There you’ll enjoy a tour of the brewery, accompanied by a qualified guide, who will tell you about the long history of beer brewing in Brno. You’ll learn about all phases of beer production, the traditional technology, and the quality ingredients used in the brewing process.

After the tour, you will get to taste 2 different kinds of locally produced beer.

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