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Our Budapest Activity Recommendations

 Pissup has had our own operation in Budapest since 2004 so we really do know what the city has to offer and the best places to do it. Our wide range of stag do activities means that your Budapest stag do will go down in legend. If it can be done in the Hungarian capital then we can offer it. That does however mean that if we listed everything, the list would just be too long!! So if you cannot find what you want in the activities section below, drop us an enquiry and we will sort out your Budapest weekend with awesome stag do activities today!

AK-47 shooting pissup stag weekend

Awesome Activities

Our most popular Budapest stag do activities are on this page, covering everything from adrenaline junkie afternoons to wild nights out on the town. If you're in Budapest with Pissup, you never have to ask the "what to do in Budapest ?"-question, as we have so many stag do activity ideas that you won't get through 10 % of them. If you’re just landing into Budapest on a stag do weekend away then our Bar Guide & VIP Strip Club is a must.

While Budapest is rightly described as the ‘Paris of the East’ - full of dens of sin! - booking a guided tour will mean you get local, insider knowledge and get taken to where the action is on any given night. After a night of hot Hungarian girls stripping for you while you down cheap shots, you might be feeling a bit ropey after attending Budapest's top nightclubs and bars. Never fear: Pissup is here! With AK47 Full Metal Jacket, we’ll take you to a top Budapest shooting range where you’ll be trained in the art of the gun.

No matter what you choose, with Pissup you never need to wonder about what things to do in Budapest that should be on your list for the party weekend. All of our stag do activities are designed for one reason and one reason only, to make your last weekend of freedom the best party of your life!

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With so much choice we do not want to overload you with information so we have split the activities into sections. Click each tab to see activities for that section. If you want more detailed information click the activity image and you will see exactly what is included and also if there are extras you can add to make it perfect for your group.

Takes too long?

If this just seems like too much hard work then just select one of our pre packaged tours. There is one for every budget and can even save you money!