Sexy Maid in Budapest

Sexy Maid in Budapest

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Sexy Maid in Budapest

What's Included

  • Pissup Guide
  • 12 min. Strip Show
Night Life
Sexy Maids

We're not really sure if we should consider this a prank, as who is going to ever complain about this?

A sexy local maid will arrive to clean the stag's room. She won't do much cleaning for fact she will suprise your stag when she show she's more up for getting down and dirty! Straight after arriving this sexy Hungarian girl will perform an erotic show for you and the lads.

A great way to start off your morning, and it's the perfect hangover cure. Rise and shine now!!

The stag will love this sexy maid "prank", in addition, why not frighten him to death with our Stag Arrest prank!

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