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Our Recommended Stag Activities in Copenhagen

There's an awesome range of things to do Copenhagen. What you need is pub crawls, visits to the Carlsberg brewery, strip club entry, stunt man training - and much much more. Copenhagen offers crazy activities as well as chill ones, so take your pick! Even though the city has an easily navigable party area it is always best to get some local expertise before you just go to any old nightspot. And here at Pissup we aim to provide you with top quality stag activities to ensure that your Copenhagen stag weekend is one that will go down in legend.

How it Works

We know you'll want to head straight to the bars, but there is more to Copenhagen than nice beer!  But with such a range of activities we've split them into different sections. Just click on the tab and then click the image of the activity you like to get detailed information about what is included.

Found the activity you want? Click the Order Now button then follow the on screen instructions. Don't worry, it won't commit you to anything. When you make a no obligation reservation with us it just allows us to make sure the activities are available when you would like them.

Sound like too much hassle?

Still sound like it takes to long or more hassle than you need at the moment? No problem, just choose one of our Pre-packaged Copenhagen Stags here. There is a package for every budget and takes just minutes to get a price.