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9mm Shooting in Copenhagen

9mm Shooting in Copenhagen

What's Included

  • 22 cal gun (10 shots)
  • 9mm Cal gun (15 shots)
  • Protective equipment
  • Professional Instructor
  • Overview

Bang bang! 9mm shooting in Copenhagen is not to be missed.

Are you a Dirty Harry in disguise? Think you've got what it takes to handle a Leathal Weapon...? (Okay we'll stop with the movie refs now!). Enjoy a session of shooting guns at a centrally located Copenhagen shooting range. You'll get to try out both 9mm and a 22 calibre guns, with a total of 15 shots with the 9mm and 10 shots with the 22 calibre - which should be more than enough bullets for you to at least hit one on target!

Protective equipment included (obviously!). There will be professional instructors at the range who'll show you how to handle the weapons correctly.

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