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Car Crashing in Hamburg

Car Crashing in Hamburg

What's Included

  • One hour vehicle vandalising (one car)
  • Safety equipment
  • Guide
  • Overview

Vehicle Vandalising in Hamburg: Get your aggression out on an old banger! Smash it to pieces!

Feeling a bit worse for wear after a boozy night out in Hamburg? Car crashing is the thing for you. No: it doesn’t mean you and the lads being like crash test dummies, that’s too crazy even for us. Instead what you’ll do is use bats and other tools to completely wreck an old vehicle. There’s nothing like a bit of physical exertion to blast away those cobwebs and get rid of that hangover!

Note: There is only 1 car for four of you i.e. this activity can only be done with a maximum of 4 guys.

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