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Club Night With A Bar Tab in Prague

What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • Night Club Entry
  • skip the line
  • 2 000 CZK Bar Voucher each
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Clubbing In Prague Is Like Nowhere Else In Europe. You Haven't Lived Until You've Experienced It

Let's just say club nights in Prague are wild, to say the least. To give your stag the ultimate send-off, organize for him and his group of pals to have a bar tab at one of the best nightclubs in the Czech capital, Fashion Club. Hit the floor, grab some beers, and dance the night away with your buddy, who's about to sell his soul. Since the Fashion Club is super popular among locals and tourists, the group will be able to skip the line and feel like real VIPs. As soon as you walk through those doors, you'll have your bar tab. The drinks will be flowing, and the music will be pumping. What are you guys waiting for?

What To Expect On The Prague Club Night Experience

Once the time approaches for your stag group to head out, a Pissup Guide will either come to your hotel or meet you at an agreed location where they'll give you a breakdown of how the night will go and bring you to the renowned Fashion Club. Don't hold them up too long. You'll only disturb the group's drinking time.

When you arrive, the guide will contact the Fashion Club's manager to allow you in through a private entrance to skip the line. You are very lucky, lads, because this venue gets extremely busy. You could be waiting for hours to get in. Don't worry, though. The Pissup Guide has you covered.

Once you get in, your group can choose a table in the club where they'd like to sit. Each of you will receive your very own bar tab with the agreed fee with the organizer. This is a recipe for disaster (in a good way). You can use the tab throughout the night for whatever you would like behind the bar, but remember, when it's gone, it's gone, so use it sparingly. The group can either stay inside the club or head outside to the terrace to party the night away. 

Once the group's bar tabs are finished up, you can leave if you like or stay and party the night away with your stag to get him absolutely off his head. Your choice.

What You Should Know Before Booking A Club Night In Prague

  • The dress code for the Fashion Club is casual. Tell the lads to keep the jet black tuxedos for the wedding. There's no need to get too fancy. 

Add Ons Your Stag Might Enjoy

  • A delicious three-course meal for everybody on the stag do at Tanker restaurant.

Other Options

Reserved Box Club Night

Reserved Box Club Night

  • Pissup Guide
  • Night Club Entry
  • skip the line
  • Big box reservation
  • 10 000 CZK bar voucher for every reserved box

What can you add?

3 course menu in Tanker
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