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Coffeeshop Experience (Small Package)

What's Included
  • Pissup Guide
  • 3 beers each (Lager or IPA for choosing)
  • Reservation in coffee shop
  • 2 x Shots of vodka, whisky, rum or gin each
  • 5 g CBD or HHC bud for the group
  • Vape pen with 0,5ml cartridge
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When In Doubt, Smoke It Out

Make a reservation for Pissup's Small Package Coffee Shop Experience in Prague. Enjoy a solid smoke up with some chilled beers and a strong shot or two. Grab the lads and head to one of the capital's popular coffee shops located near the well known Wenceslas Square, where a feast of booze and marijuana awaits your group, three ice cold lagers or IPAs, two shots of either vodka, rum, or gin, five grammes of either CBD or HHC weed, and a little vape pen with a 0.5-ml cannabis cartridge. Imagine the scenes.

The venue is similar to what you would see at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Brace yourselves for the ultimate smoking session.

What To Expect

Your Pissup guide will meet your stag party at an agreed upon location in the city. They'll introduce themselves and give you and the lads a brief overview of the coffee shop experience. After that, it's puffing time.

The guide will take the group to the coffee shop, which is located in close proximity to Wenceslas Square. It's a one of a kind coffee shop that combines a bar and a place to smoke a few joints. The building itself is quite small, so in an ideal world, your group shouldn't exceed twenty people. Once you arrive, a member of staff will greet your group and take you to your reserved table. 

As soon as your group is seated, a waiter will be with your stag party to ask what you would like to order from the drink options. Each person will get to have two beers, either an IPA or lager, and two shots of either vodka, gin, rum, or whiskey. Besides the alcohol, five grammes of either CBD or HHC infused cannabis bud and a vape pen with a 0.5-ml weed cartridge will also be served to the group. That's a hell of a lot of drugs.

An experienced staff member who knows a thing or two about devil's lettuce will give the stag group a brief explanation on how to use the vape pen in case some of you don't understand how to do it. The coffee shop has all the rolling equipment you'll need, and if you don't know how to roll, somebody will do it for you. Talk about rookies.

After two hours are up, it's home time. Continue on with the stag celebrations somewhere else in the great city of Prague.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Stag Do Experience

  • All marijuana products are either CBD or HHC, so it is legal to buy and consume them in the Czech Republic. 
  • The group should arrive sober, as they will consume a lot of weed and alcohol when they go to the coffee shop.
  • The coffee shop is rather small, so there is a chance that the group will be alone in the whole coffee shop.
  • Vapes can be smoked inside, but joints have to be smoked outside.

Add Ons Your Stag Might Like

  • A bar guide to take the group around to various bars in Prague after the coffee shop experience.

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