Paintball Pedator Hunt Prague (2)

Paintball in Prague - Predator Hunt in Prague

Paintball in Prague - Predator Hunt in Prague

What's Included

  • 4 hours game
  • 400 pc paintballs (
  • Complete equipment (marker with drive, thermal mask - goggles - overalls and gloves)
  • Organizer disguised as the Predator
  • One beer or water each
  • Game areas w/ scenarios around hunting "The Predator"
  • Private return transport
  • Guide
  • Overview
  • Gallery

Paintball in Prague - Predator Hunt: calling all wannabe Arnies! Put on your camo gear, strap a gun to your back, and hunt the most viscious alien in movie history...apart from, uh, the one in "Alien"!

A unique twist on a classic paintball activity...hunt the Predator from the classic 80s action movie! Paintball is always a popular activity for stag dos in Prague. Why? Because it's a chance to let off some steam, shake off that hangover, get your competitive juices and...bruise the stag!

But what if you feel like you've done the classic paintballing scenarios before...well Paintball in Prague - Predator Hunt, is just the thing for you. For a unique paintballing experience: book today!

How it Works

A guide will collect your group, and take you via private transport to an outdoor paintball field, located only 10 minutes away from the historic centre of Prague.

The area is newly built with 3 thematic playgrounds, with unique and totally distinctive surroundings.

Total area of over 24,000 m²:

1st = paintball area - Village Ville 2nd = painbtall area - Scrapyard 3rd = paintball area - Hamburger Hill

After the group arrives: they will receive all necessary safety equipment plus instructions, and you will be introduced to how the game scenarios work. The scenarios are about hunting the Predator (an organiser disguised as the Predator). Then you start playing, and trying out each of the three paintballing areas during a total 4 hours worth of game time. You will get 400 paintballs to shoot with!

You can have a beer or water each during a break.

More Info

The area has heated, cell-based backgrounds, maximally suited to the needs of clients. So it is possible to play through a whole year.

Please note: you should wear sports clothing and suitable footwear!

Organizers take photos for Facebook - so they can send them to your group if you so wish.

After the activity, the private transport will take you back to your hotel.

Disclaimer: The images shown are for illustration purposes only.

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