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Quad Bikes II in Prague

Quad Bikes II in Prague

What's Included

  • Guide
  • Private transport (round trip
  • Instructor
  • 1h driving a quad
  • Safety equipment (helmet, pads – elbows and spine, gloves)
  • Overview

Off-road quad biking is guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping through your veins! For dirty fun on your Prague stag weekend, jump on a quad bike and race around this excellent 1500m course. Quads are specially built for rough terrain and can reach some impressive speeds.

Bring some old clothes or you’ll curse like you’ve got Tourettes!

How it Works

Your guide will meet you at your hotel. Then you’ll go via private bus to the quad track, which is situated 30 km away from Prague.

After arrival, you’ll receive instructions and have to sign disclaimer. After this, you’ll have 1 hour for driving. The type of vehicles on offer are – Yamaha Grizzlys. These supremely agile ATVs are fully automatic and easy to drive. The off-road arena has 200 hectares of beautiful countryside with varied terrain. After finishing the 1 hour drive, the bus will take you back to your hotel.

Please note: As a maximum of 8 people can ride at the any one time, it means, if there are 16 of you, you’ll ride in two groups of 8 – one after the other. Then, obviously, the activity would take twice as long as it would with a group of 8 and under.

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