AK-47 Extreme Shooting in Sofia
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AK-47 Extreme Shooting in Sofia

What's included

  • Friendly local female guide
  • Private transport
  • High adrenaline Military Training Exercises
  • AK-47 assault rifle (60 bullets)
  • Mossberg Pump-Action Shotgun (10 bullets)
  • Military Training Certificates & Medals
  • Professional instructors


AK-47 Extreme Shooting in Sofia – calling all you wannabe Rambos!

This is not just a “regular” shooting activity…this is a full on, high-octane military training exercise! You’ll get to use the following weapons: the AK-47 assault rifle (cal. 7,62х39mm) and the Mossberg Pump-Action Shotgun (cal. 12).

First, with the help of instructors, you’ll learn how to use the weapons in a normal target-practice scenario. Then you’ll get to try out a high-intensity military training scenario. Where you’ll be shooting targets under stress – dodging for cover then shooting back with the 2 different weapons! Whoever’s fastest wins!

After you’re done you’ll get each get certificates, and winners will get medals.

This is the ideal activity for all budding soldiers of fortune!

Note: For obvious reasons, booze is not allowed before you go shooting! Photo ID required.

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