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Beach Club Day in Mallorca

What's Included
  • Sunbed
  • 2 x towel
  • Nachos
  • lunch to choose
  • Drink
  • Spirit to choose
  • Welcome tray

What is it about?

Relax by the sea in an idyllic VIP beach club. A luxury package that leaves nothing and nobody behind.

How it works?

When you arrive at the Beach Club, your sunbed awaits, facing the sea and/or the swimming pool. Make yourself comfortable and think about what you want to drink: the package includes a bottle of strong alcohol (vodka, rum, whiskey or gin) and 8 soft drinks for 4 people. So treat yourself to a drink, sunbathe and jump into the pool to cool off. Around noon, some nachos will please a peckish group of mates. Gently roast in the sun until it gets too hot, dive into the sea, have another drink and so on ... At 3 pm you will be served a decent lunch. You can choose from Asian beef salad, quesadillas, Caesar salad, veggie wok, burger, or salmon poke. Included in the package are unlimited drinks (because we do things right!): Wine, beer, soft drinks, water and coffee. And for dessert: a white chocolate and coconut panna cotta. Yum. Time for a nap in the sun again, and so on until the club closes. A perfect day to recover from a boozy night and start all over again. Plus, you will be all tanned and handsome. Go get the girls, tiger.

Where, who, for how long?

The Beach Club is located in Palma. In high season, it is open until midnight.

What else do you want to know

You must arrive at the club before noon to guarantee your place. Don't oversleep, you'll have all the opportunity to a sunny breathy nap there!

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