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6 awesome Winter Stag Do activities in Germany

A stag do in the winter, are you mad? ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’…so sang old blue eyes Frank Sinatra. But he was talking about yuletide family fun, not getting leathered on a Berlin Stag Do in winter! You may be one of those lads who have enough Viking blood to brave […]

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German Beer Festivals: A Guide to the Best

Beer is the ultimate stag do fuel Oktoberfest may be over, but beer drinking in Germany is a constant throughout the year! If you and the boys are going on a Hamburg Stag Do, for example, you’ll want to down tonnes of liquid gold. And why not some local stuff? Germans brew some of the […]

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13 Stages of Organizing a Stag Do

Organizing a Stag Do: all about Preparation, Preparation, Preparation We all know of Shakespeare’s 5 ages of man from infancy to old age. The stages of grief – denial, anger, acceptance. And even the 5 key turning points in a successful movie script. But what about the 13 Stages of Organizing a Stag Do? Going on […]

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Five Cool and Exciting Things to do in Copenhagen

Beer, Adrenaline and Bond-Style Nights in Copenhagen Copenhagen is a great destination for all you guys out there who love adrenaline-fuelled and other wild activities. If you’re thinking of a coming on a Copenhagen Stag Do and you love to try things out of the ordinary then this is the city to come to. Finding […]

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