Welcome to the Best Reviewed Stag Company in Europe

We aim to provide a unique and memorable experience for the modern man. Our mission since 2001 has been to supply the ultimate Stag party. Pissup is a travel agency that exclusively handles the organisation of stag and hen parties.


Our Philosophy and History

We aim to provide a unique and memorable experience for the modern man. Our mission since 2001 has been to supply the ultimate Stag party. Pissup is a travel agency that exclusively handles the organisation of stag and hen parties.

We are an international company. Pissup Tours was founded in the UK in 2001 by British entrepreneurs Mark Robertson and Neil Smith and was one of the first travel agencies that dealt exclusively in stag party weekends abroad. Initially Prague was our only destination, however we quickly expanded into Tallinn and this was shortly followed by Budapest, Bratislava and Warsaw. In 2007 Pissup landed in Denmark with Mads Thorsdal and Rasmus Christiansen taking control at the helm. The rapid growth of the industry now means that we also have markets in Germany, France, Spain, Holland and the rest of Scandinavia.

What We Believe

  • We believe adventures forge awesome relations.
  • We believe the way we create adventures is by bringing inspiration to the customer and by carrying the burden of organization.
  • We believe in organizing the stag party your best mate deserves.

Our Clockwork is Swiss

2014 saw Mads and Rasmus taking control over the entire business and place more emphasis on the role of customer service. The Pissup brand is part of the company Custom Tours, based in Switzerland. Today we are responsible for organising stag and hen parties in 26 cities across Europe offering more than 1400 activities. Whether our customers decide to hold their stag party in Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam or one of our 23 other cities, we guarantee a stag party that is reminiscent of the ” The Hangover “.

Over 100,000 Customers Over 15 Years

Our experience in the stag party travel industry is second to none. We have organised trips for over 100,000 customers over the past 15 years. We choose our local partners carefully and have had strong successful working relationships with the majority of them for many years. Our owners personally test many of the activities that we offer to ensure that we can provide our customers with the best service possible.

Service is Our #1 Priority

We know how much organisation a stag or hen weekend entails and therefore we offer the highest customer service possible. This starts from your initial enquiry to the moment we drop you off at the airport for your flight home. Sit back and let the professionals handle the responsibility for you. Our English speaking consultants plan every detail with you prior to your flight and our local guides offer 24/7 assistance from the moment you land at your destination. Pissup.com encourages clients to drink responsibly on stag weekends in Europe.

You Have Probably Seen us on TV

We have been featured by several major media sources including the BBC, FHM, RTL and the New York Times, receiving positive reviews in all. ‘

However, the most important feedback that we receive is from our customers themselves. Ultimately we aim to improve our services on a daily basis in order to provide our customers with an experience that is constantly improving. Therefore customer feedback is essential. Our reviews from past customers on Trustpilot see us as the highest scoring stag do travel company on the website. In a survey of 93 customer reviews we received an average feedback score of 91%. This makes us the most trustworthy stag weekend operator in the business. 97% of our past customers state that they would recommend us to a friend.

The Team

Hello from Lugano, Copenhagen, Madrid , Budapest and Hamburg! Pissup is an international travel agency with employees throughout Europe: Please see the below profiles of our super hero employees:

annabelle Annabelle

Annabelle is our Spanish-Belgian Travel Consultant for the French and Spanish market.  She joined the Pissup team in March 2014 and loves how her job enables her to work and travel at the same time. She loves exploring the different destinations that we offer and trying out our new and exciting activities. If you want some more details on a destination or activity then don’t hesitate to contact her.


Franziska is our 26-year-old Travel Consultant from Hamburg, Germany. Her main passion is travelling and she tries to take a trip whenever she has some spare time. If you are a customer who lives in Germany, Austria or Switzerland then she is the young lady who will be helping you with your travel plans. With your input and her experience you’ll create a stag party that goes down in legend. She lives by the motto ‘more stage dives, less catwalks!’


Gabriella is one of our Travel Consultants who lives and works in Hungary. She has a wealth of experience in the travel industry and has been working as a guide for stags and hens for years. If you are Scandinavian, you’ll probably talk to Gabriella soon.


Max is the old man of Pissup, in more ways than one! He has been here the longest, starting with the original company way back in 2004. In this decade he has done everything from operating as a Guide to acting as the General Manager. He has pretty much seen and done it all. We challenge you to try and shock him! When he is not sampling our services or working, he races superbikes at amateur level.

Michael RMichael R

Mike is an Account Manager and marketing expert rolled into one. There is no city in Central or Eastern Europe that he does not know like the back of his hand. If he is not on tour then he can be found dedicating himself to his greatest passion – sport. Football, boxing and white water rafting are responsible for giving him his adrenaline fix. He is also another one of our talented linguists, being able to speak German , English and Hungarian 

Patrick is one of our German stag party expertsPatrick

Patrick is our Travel Consultant living in Budapest. He is originally from South Tyrol but due to his adventurous nature, he has experienced living in various locations. He is an absolute travel junkie and is addicted to adventures in foreign countries. He loves to meet new people and create good memories that stay with you forever. 

He has a degree in Marketing Management, speaks four languages fluently and loves sports. With his huge enthusiasm and great energy he will make your adventures in our destinations unforgettable. So get in contact with him and start packing your suitcase today!


Elena is our Accounting Assistant who also helps with administrative tasks at our marketing office in Copenhagen. Besides working at Pissup, Elena studies Business Administration and Commercial Law at Copenhagen Business School. She speaks fluent Danish, English and Russian and has always been interested in international relations. In her spare time, she enjoys good food, dancing and of course travelling.


Marjan is the Managing Officer and top boss of our booking office in Lugano, Switzerland. Nothing goes in or out of the company without having passed her desk and watchful eye. She is fluent in four languages and has a Master’s degree in finance which she completed in 2009.


Rasmus is one of the owners of Pissup. His areas of responsibility include legal and financial administration in addition to PR and marketing. He has been working with Pissup since 2007 and has an AP Degree in Marketing Management and a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business. He has visited almost all of the Pissup destinations and believes that one of the best ways to experience a new city is through dining and drinking. He is also a big football-fan and loves skiing. His nerdy side centres around gadgets and Science Fiction.


Mads is Pissup’s other strategic helmsman and the company geek. He is the person who everyone complains to if they experience website problems or if the booking system has a bug. He is also involved in the geeky sides of our online marketing and can’t live without Google Analytics. Mads hardly ever leaves the office. When he does, he is a food and wine lover, interested in both quality and quantity! We all know not to go near him if he’s hungry!


Adam is the head of our Barcelona division, as well as a member of our outreach marketing team. He reigns from the snowy foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and is quite possibly the most stereotypical Canuck in Europe. Making his way across the pond in 2010 to complete a degree in Brno, Czech Republic, he was first introduced to Mads and the Pissup team. Just over a year later he substituted snow for sand, joined our team and has had the pleasure of calling Barcelona home ever since.



Boris is our Purchasing Manager for hotels, activities and general services. His working background in the travel industry goes back to 2003, when he began covering operations and sales positions within the Incoming European Travel industry. A Travel Services Purchaser since 2010, he is the main contact for all our suppliers working in our Lugano and Copenhagen offices. Originally from Italy, he has been living abroad for many years travelling in different European Countries. He loves good swimming, nice food and excellent scotch!


Michelle became our account assistant at Wild East Travels last October and is very happy to be 05-michellea part of the team. At present she studies a combination of economy and psychology at Copenhagen Business School, which she’s very passionate about and hopes to be able to apply to a business career. She lives in Copenhagen. In her spare time she likes fitness, travel, partying, making good food and relaxing with friends and her boyfriend. One of her favorite quotations says: “Travel is the only think you buy that makes you richer.”


06-weronikaWeronika is an Account Manager working with the German Market. She was born in Poland, grew up in Vienna and has lived in Budapest for over a year. She loves Budapest and has developed a very good knowledge about its Nightlife and Party Scene. She loves to go out, try new things and meet new people, and has always wanted to do something related to this industry. Her her own words “It makes me happy to share something I like with other people and to organize a good time for them.”


Till is an Account Manager (our man in Budapest). He is originally from Munich but has lived in Budapest for a very long time, as he loves the parties here. Other than being a real party person, he has travelled all over the world for the last 10 years and has a lot of great stories to share. He has been doing sales and working with Hotels previously and also lived in Thailand for a while. Other than being a complete travel junkie, he is a real food and wine maniac and if you don’t find him on one of the music festivals in summer, the chances are that you’ll run into him on a wine festival in the countryside. He speaks German, English and Hungarian fluently.


01-kenziKeni is from Budapest. She has recently climbed up the pissup ladder from being one of Budapests long-term guides to becoming an official member of the staff as an after sales accountant/consultant. She describes herself as: “80% superwoman, 20% unicorn, because I looked in the mirror and that is what I saw!”


04-celine Celine is one of our account managers for the French market living in Budapest. Originally from South of France, she’s lived for 10 years in the UK, loves travelling and meeting new people.
Her curious nature means she loves to discover new places and learn about something every day, so she’s constantly studying, reading and researching.

She’s a people person and will go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy, so do not fear if she organises your weekend away, you won’t be disappointed!

Dan the Man

Sir Daniel Farkas – ““He is the most complete fighter in the World” – Boyka. Dan has worked in hospitality all his life, and travelled the world for many years. After 10 years of living in Australia he made his comeback to europe, joining Pissup and living happily ever after. His interests include: football, console games, traveling, movies and (of course) drinking.

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