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Choosing your Stag Do Destination

Different groups have different priorities for a stag weekend. Here are our top 4 categories that groups usually consider when choosing a destination. We have suggested a few locations for each category. Combine your preferences to find your ideal stag destination…simple!

If the Beers are what matters:

The stag do staple can be consumed in several types of venue. See the below suggestions to suit your preference. A Bar Guide is always strongly recommended whichever city you choose.

Image of a girl on the bar in a pubHUGE selection of bars and beers but above all, CHEAP!

  • Budapest – Cool bars housed in ‘ruin pubs’ and great local beers at low prices
  • Bratislava – Copious amounts of bars serving quality beer for less than a quid. The banks of the Danube is a great location to drink in the Summer
  • Poland – All of four of our Polish cities boast heaps of bars and some, however technically Krakow possess more than anywhere else in the World…take your pick!
  • Prague – Notorious for its beer and their cheap prices. You don’t even have to talk to order one either!

image of Night club table reservation with belvedereNightclubs – World Class! – For the party boys amongst you!

    • Berlin – Top class DJs and mind blowing clubs keep the party pumping … constantly.
    • Warsaw – The chicest clubs in Poland with the biggest names behind the decks
    • Amsterdam  – Big electronic scene means top clubs and big name DJs
    • Budapest – Impressive clubs at low prices. Party outside in the summer
    • Gdansk – The Ibizia of Eastern Europe, chic venues on the beach populated with gorgeous looking girls

Amsterdam Stag Do StreetsCab Killers – All night time activities within walking distance

    • Krakow – More places to drink per square metre than any other city in the world means a wide selection venues to choose from and no taxi fares
    • Bratislava – Multiple venues in cool locations including under a castle and on a bridge, 90m above the river, all accessible by foot
    • Wroclaw – Large selection of bars concentrated around the old town’s market square, populated by energetic students
    • Tallinn – Vast amounts of venues all within walking distance, amazing looking local girls. Dubbed the ‘World Party Capital’ by the New York Times

If you are all about the Babes:

A stag do isn’t a stag do without local lasses removing their clothes for you! The question is – how much cash will you splash on them?!  Check our last list and you might not have to pay a single penny! 😉

Girls in limos are mandatory on any real stag weekend abroadTop Stripper Destination – Gorgeous girls for gorgeous prices

    • All Polish Cities – but Warsaw and Krakow are where the real stunners are located
    • Budapest – we use the top agency for all of our stripper activities
    • Prague – Strippers and stunning as the city itself. Take in the sight of both on our strip ship!
    • Amsterdam – The infamous red light district of this city of sin houses brothels, live sex shows and peep shows in addition to  its multiple strip clubs

image of Two strippers in the strip club performing a les showSuperstar Strippers – We’re talking the crème da la crème on the continent here!

      • Amsterdam – As beautiful as the city itself.  Amsterdam’s international population also means that girls come from a diverse range of backgrounds
      • Krakow – Their elegance put these girls poles apart from the rest
      • Warsaw – Some of the best looking Polish girls in Poland and some of our best strip activities

image of Group of babes in a night club having funBeautiful, friendly, local lovelies – After all only one person is getting married!

      • Tallinn – Estonia has the most world’s most international super models per capita. Furthermore the ratio of women to men on the average night out is 70:30, meaning the girls hunt you down!
      • All Polish Cities – Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw & Gdansk – why’d you think they call it “Pole” dancing?
      • Budapest – Long hot summers with temperatures regularly exceeding 30°C  means that the gorgeous local females don’t wear a lot.
      • Bratislava – Slim, sexy and down to earth are just three reasons why the females of Bratislava make this list

On the Budget:

We understand that different groups travel on different budgets and have different priorities. Do you decide to splash your cash in order to get to your destination or spend it whilst you are there? This can be a difficult decision to make, therefore we have created the below lists in order to aid you…aren’t we nice!

image of airplaneCheap in the air – Mega cheap flights but more expensive when you get there

    • Amsterdam – Regular flights from different airlines mean competitive prices, starting from as low as £59 return.
    • Berlin – Although one of our more pricier destinations you still get a lot more for your money then you do back home
    • Prague – Due to the popularity of the Czech capital, prices amongst the airlines are very competitive

image of 8 large beers in a micro breweryCheap on arrival – Low cost beer, food, cigs and strippers

      • Budapest – A great exchange rate sees £1 earning you an impressive 392 Hungarian Forints.
      • Bratislava – Although Slovakia is in the Eurozone, it is still extremely cheap. As the pound is currently at its strongest against the Euro for the last 5 years, now is an ideal time to visit.
      • Krakow & Warsaw –  All our Polish cities offer great value for money but these two just shade it into joint pole position!

Cheap Stag Do pub crawl pissup
Cheap in the air and on arrival – Balancing both travel and city costs

      • Bratislava – One of our locations that offers the best value for money. Let’s hope that this exchange rate holds!
      • Budapest – Although costs may be cheap, quality is not compromised. The Hungarian capital is full of bargains
      • Krakow & Warsaw –  Famous beers and vodka at great prices, along with top accommodation and food all for a snip of the prices that you would encounter back home.

If you want something different:

The new kids on the block. Been to all the popular cities? Need somewhere different and new? The below list may not be the most clichéd of stag party destinations but they top our list of stag exploration. Check our city guides to find out about what we have to offer in each location.

The nightlife in Gdansk is legendary and will put the party in stag partyTop cities that you might not have considered

    • Sofia – Not only is the Bulgarian capital cheap but its location close to the mountains offers great skiing and activities that include bungee jumping, white-water rafting and quad biking.
    • Brno – The Czech second city boasts a massive arsenal of activities with some serious fire power. Take a ride in a tank or fire some serious shooters including a semi automatic machine guns.
    • Wroclaw – A stunning location that houses hundreds of places to party with a young and energetic population. Additionally offers some great activities including some of our more ‘normal’ ones!
    • Gdansk  –  Sun, sea and some seriously good nightlife make this a visit to Poland’s tri-city a must for the lads.