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Budget Accommodation Amsterdam

3 star hotel in Amsterdam

Central Budget accommodation in Amsterdam

Four Star Hotel in Amsterdam

7 reasons why you should book a hotel with us!

1. hti-party
Stag Friendly
Hotel, where party groups are welcome.

2. hti-save
Save, Save, Save!
Save £ on your activities by booking a package deal.

3. hti-location
Great Location
Central location, so you save time and money on taxis.

4. hti-guide
24/7 Assistance
24/7 Guide Service & “Get Home”-cards, helping you on your trip.

5. hti-years
15 yr experience
Easy & Safe to book with a stag company with 15 yr of experience.

6. hti-trust
Full Pissup Experience
Get the full tried and tested Pissup experience (9.5 on Trustpilot).

7. hti-flexbooking
Flexible Booking Terms
Much better for you than a hotel booking site.

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