Bang bang! Extreme fun guaranteed on our Bratsilava shooting Experience!

Challenge your mates in this fantastic shooting activity. Find out who the natural-born marksman of the group is after an action-packed time at an atmospheric shooting range in Bratislava. This centrally located range is safe and fun, and our instructors will be at hand to make sure your gun is safely loaded, and you know how to fire, before pulling the trigger!

Each person will get to shoot 36 bullets on 4 different weapons - Beretta vz. 92, cal. 9 mm Luger; Revolver Colt, Ruger or Taurus, cal. .357 Magnum; Škorpion vz. 61 submachine gun, cal. 7.65 mm; and Pistol Sig Sauer. 

Any Dirty Harry enthusiast can buy additional shots for a little extra at the range. You must be sober to do this event for obvious reasons! Transport is NOT included on this one, as it's about five minutes from the centre, so it's not needed.