Think you've got what it takes to shoot weapons with ex-miltary pros?

Your local, English-speaking guide will meet you at the reception of your hotel and take you to the shooting range, which is located 10 minutes from the city centre.

Once there, professional instructors will give all necessary instructions to the group, and then each person will get 30 bullets to shoot with 3 different weapons. The awesome range of weapons at the location, and number of bullets, will give you ample chance to become a crack shot. And if you want more tries, then you can purchase more bullets on site. This is your chance to master the art of the gun!

Weapons include: VZ. 58 Assault rifle, cal.7.62x39mm - 10 shots, Gran Power K100, Caracal, ZVS or Glock, 9mm Luger - 10 Shot, NEA-15, cal.223 Rem - 10 shots

Note: You'll need to take your ID with you if you want to shoot!

While you can't drink before you shoot guns (for obvious reasons) but no one's stopping you hitting the beers after - so book up our Bratislava pub crawl and let off some of that energy you and the boys built up blasting away in the shooting range.