Exclusive To Pissup -

Lez get ready to fumblllllleee !!!

In the red corner, weighing 100 pounds - tall, dark haired, long-legged, firm-busted 24 year-old - one of the hottest Krakow strippers covered in oil ... Just imagine the rest.

The event takes place in a centrally located bar which your guide will take you to. You get 3 rounds of wrestling, with two slippery bikini-clad Polish beauties fighting in oil just for your pleasure...and don't worry those bikinis won't stay on for long!

You can enjoy the show with your 3 free beers, around the ring, cheering them on, and trying to pick a winner.

During the final topless round, the Stag, you or one of your mates can 'take them on' whilst trying to 'take them off'!

Guaranteed to be one of the funnier highlights of your Krakow stag do

Please do not go for cheap immitations using baby paddling pools. We use a purpose built inflatable pool owned by Pissup, which is why this activity is exclusive to us.

After watching all that slipping and sliding you'll have worked up a thirst: why not book our Krakow Brewery tour, dinner and beers included.