Get ready to rumbbbbbbble !!! In the red corner, weighing in at 100 pounds - tall, blonde, long-legged, big-busted 24 year-old ...Just imagine the rest! 2 shiny bikini-clad Polish beauties fighting in oil just for your pleasure while you sip your beer around the ring, cheer them on, and pick a winner.

After the fight you, or one of your mates, can 'take them on' while trying to 'take them off'!

Oil Wrestling is located in a VIP room of a central Warsaw club with a fully equipped bar, it's a perfect way to start a big night out. This is exclusive to Warsaw Pissup, and it's our best-seller, so book now to ensure availability.

Each event is privately organised for your group. 

Our baby oil will make him feel like a newborn baby next to yummy round tits.

After you've seen some babes wrestle in oil - why not continue the party? Book our Tottie Tour as well, and our guide will take you round the hottest strip clubs in Warsaw.