There are over 300,000 bars in Spain, and the best ones are located right here in BARcelona! With so many bars don't waste your time searching for the best of this city, put your group in the hands of Pissup's very own local guides! They know the absolute best hangouts in Barcelona, allowing you to hit the ground running as soon as you step into the streets!

Better than the standard Barcelona bar crawl!

Our beautiful guide will personalize your tour, picking the absolute best bars for your group. In each of these bars you will receive a complimentary shot and discounted drink deals for you and your group. 

Following your romp around the city our guide will again personalize your tour, picking the best nightclub for your group to end the night in! Party in one of the biggest nightclubs in Europe, or party at a club located right on a sandy beach, the possibilities are endless on the Pissup Bar Crawl!

Why not combine this some traditional (and not so traditional) Barcelona Tapas...though this activity is Spanish tapASS, meaning you get to enjoy traditional snacks, sangria and a sexy strip show as well!