Get ready to rumble!!!!

Our guide will meet you at the hotel and bring you to our exclusive Chocolate Wrestling Ring... make sure the stag wears a clean pair of undies, as everyone is gonna be getting a peak! Not too fancy though, they won't be staying clean for long!

Chocolate Wrestling in Barcelona...

The show starts with a nice girl on girl warm up. When they are feeling all loose and ready the two of them will square off in the centre of the chocolate pit for a little more girl on girl action. At some point this will change from a fair 1 on 1 match to a double teaming of the girls vs. your stag!

After seeing your stag get absolutely manhandled by a pair of beautiful naked ladies, he will clean himself up and the night will continue.

Be aware that getting absolutely 110% clean is nearly impossible but don't worry a little bit of chocolate never scared off any ladies!

*Bring some extra underwear or prepare for a night going commando!

You'll have probably worked up an apetite watching those sweet girls get down and dirty. Book our Meat Plate, and enjoy some nice local meats plus beer.