A BBQ Cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, need we say more?

Our private guide will take your group down to the central port of Barcelona. From here you will hop aboard a massive catamaran boat, occupied not only by your group, but plenty of other partying foreigners and locals.

The Barcelona Catamaran Cruise experience: For 3 hours you will float on the sea, enjoying the sun and ocean. There will be a professional DJ playing and a BBQ burning so all of your group's needs will be taken care of.

Note: This is a public cruise, which can fit up 80 guests on board, so your group will be partying it up with other groups!...Legend has it that Hen groups are known to frequent this ship so keep your eyes peeled on board!

If you do want a private boat cruise, please do not hesistate to contact us and get a quote.

Once you've had a nice day out in the sun, why not cool down a bit? Book our Barcelona Ice Bar and experience something really unique on your stag weekend.