from: £69

Basic Pissup Package

Times might be hard, but that is no reason to not have a stag weekend in Brno that will not be forgotten. Or maybe it will? Depends on how much...
from: £175

Beers, Babes & Bullets

The Holy Trinity of stag weekends: Beer, Babes & Bullets! Our experience has taught us these are the vital basic ingredients for a memorable stag weekend, though not in the...
from: £256

VIP Brno Blowout

This is for groups who want the total deal, the VIP Brno Wipeout. This city is best described as a small Prague. There is an airport with an easyJet connection....
from: £171

Muddy Buggers

Fancy a dirty weekend? Then this holiday is for you. Pure mud and filth.
from: £221

Dr Death Special

Tanks! Machine guns!! Bazookas!!! Everything for the group looking to combine some essential military training with a stag party. Dr Death isn't real. But if he was, he'd love this.