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Why Prague is the perfect destination for your stag do

No 1. Stag Do Destination in Europe

No 1. Stag Do Destination in Europe

Babes here are as beautiful as the city itself

Babes here are as beautiful as the city itself

Nightlife is crazy & clubs are legendary

Nightlife is crazy & clubs are legendary

Czech Beers are world class

Czech Beers are world class

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Prague City Guide for Stag Weekends

Prague Stag Do - Pissup

The Czech capital is a stunning home to approximately 1.25 million people and sees a further 4.4 million visit each year. It is a picture perfect location that exhibits the 14th century Charles Bridge, a hilltop castle, cobbled streets, ancient chapels and the lovely lazy River Vltava. Obviously these are not the main reasons why this destination is popular with large groups of lads on stag weekend breaks! A Prague stag do also offers the best beer in the world, women just as eye catching as the city itself and the opportunity to compete with your pals to become the next Lewis Hamilton or Rambo!

How to get to Prague


Getting to Prague is just as cheap as when you are there. Flights from London Gatwick with Easyjet can be found for as little as £84. Wizz Air and Ryanair also depart from Luton and Stansted respectively for similar prices. Whilst the plane that transports you to this beautiful city may be modest, what awaits you at the airport is far from it. Pissup gives you the option to be collected at the airport and transported to your accommodation in a hummer limousine accompanied by stripper and champagne, if desired.

Prague has the best beer in the world!

Prague Stag Do - Beer Guide

Prague is notorious for its beer and it is considered by many to be the best beer in the world. It is not just the internationally recognised brands such as Urquell, Staropramen and Budvar that you will be guzzling down in abundance. Prague also has a whole host of regional and microbreweries. No wonder they drink more beer than any other nation on earth!

Asking for a pint of Kout na Šumavě or Svijanský Rytíř may be difficult at first but it will become progressively easier with each one you drink! If you are unable to get your tongue around such names then don’t worry. Some of Prague’s boozers have a system that enables you to order a pint just simply by selecting the relevant beer mat and placing it in front of you at the bar.  So if you can’t pronounce the name of the beer that you want, or you are having difficulty speaking, your request will still be understood! Not only do Prague's bars have some of the best beer in the world and have devised a system where you don't even have to speak to order it, it's cheap....dirt cheap! Pints cost approximately 87p...

Nightlife in Prague is crazy-fun!

Prague nightlife guide - tips and advice - Pissup

Prague's nightlife scene has it all: from cool hipster bars of Žižkov to the fun tourist pubs of Old Town. If you're on lads weekend in Prague you'll probably end up in Old Town Square. Like any popular stag destination, central Prague has its fair share of honey traps. That's why we'd recommend a guided bar crawl, at least on the first night, so you can get insider knowledge into where the best bars and clubs in Prague are. Any new city is going to be a mission to navigate, and a guide can take you to places where the Budweiser (the Czech not the American one!) is cold and the Czech girls are hot.

Organising a stag do for a group of lads isn't easy, but coordinating a group as they run wild through Prague will be a serious challenge. But never fear Pissup is here to lighten your load; if you want nightclubs or strippers we can get your name on the guest list. Want to start off somewhere a little more chilled? Then head a bar on Karolíny Světlé named after Ernest Hemingway. This bar is themed around the writer who had a taste for cocktails, and focuses on his favourite tipples and has one of the largest ranges of absinthe in Europe.

But maybe you want a traditional Czech pub in Prague? We can take you to a beer hall in Old Town that dates back to the mid 15th century (aka a long time!) and is a fairly straightforward venue. Here you can try all manner of Czech beers from bottled beers to keg beer in foaming tankards. If you find yourself in Old Town on a Friday night and you want to have in large you have to go to Karlovy lázně. This super club is made up of five floors of dance music, and claims to be the biggest club in Central Europe. Open till around 6am it's the perfect climax to a night on the tiles.

Shooting badass Guns and Driving Crazy Karts

Shooting Guns in Prague - Pissup Stag Do

If the best beer in the world isn’t sufficient for you, then a Pissup stag do in Prague has a whole lot more to offer. We give you the opportunity to fire Kalashnikovs. If you are not the group’s sharp shooter, then perhaps you might fare better in your own stag grand prix. We give you the opportunity to put the pedal to the metal in some seriously nippy go-carts around a challenging circuit

Ice hockey is big business in the Czech Republic and the men’s national team is one of the most successful in history having won the gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics, and three consecutive gold medals at the World Ice Hockey Championships. Catching a domestic game in an arena full of local, passionate fans whilst sinking a few cold pints is a great way to warm up for the big evening ahead, get in touch with our Prague city experts for advice on where to watch a game!

Prague really is the ideal destination for a stag do weekend away with the lads! If it's beer and babes or guns and go-karts that you are after, or a combination of all four plus more, then Pissup will ensure that all necessary arrangements are made in order to meet the demands of your group. Book a Prague stag do today and see what all the fuss is about.

Fun Activities that are unique to Prague

Tank Riding - Pissup Stag Do

Are you an instinctive thrill-seeker, who simply needs a bit of serious action on your stag holiday in Prague - well this city has more than just the standard stag activities like shooting, paintball and go-karting. We can also arrange some extra-special experiences too: why not really get into the Cold War spirit and come on our Army Tank Experience - you and the boys will get to ride around in Soviet-era military vehicles. But don't worry, while you won't get to go full James Bond and fire any canons the thrill of bounding along in BMP-1 personal carriers will be enough to get your heart rate going.

If you really want to know what it was like back in the dark days of Communism then book up the Nuclear Bunker Tour, where you'll take a trip down memory lane. You'll be lead through a real life bunker complete with equipment used between 1945 and 1989 by a crazy guide Ivan who'll regale you with tales of life back when the Czech Republic was part of Czechoslovakia!

Sightseeing in Prague is awesome!

sightseeing in Prague - Pissup Stag DoSometimes even we at Pissup in Prague have to unwind after a hard night of fun. And you know what your missus or friends will say when you get back home...'How was Prague? What did you see?'. Sure you could lie about your stag weekend in Prague but come on, you'll want some great shots to show your mates who didn't come...and they can't all be of selfies with the local talent. If you're into architectural as well as feminine beauty then be sure to check out the Old Town astronomical clock tower, Charles Bridge and St. Vitus Cathedral. In fact if eye candy is what you want then the whole of district 1 is awash in attractive sights to see including the Jewish district (Josefov) where the legend of the Golem was born.

However if you're coming in a stag do weekend then you'll probably be hard pressed to see Prague's best sights. That's where Pissup comes in, we can combine education with alcohol in one fun activity: SightBeering. See the sights of Prague with a friendly local guide who'll stop of at several points along the tour at great bars where you can enjoy a refreshing beer.

Maybe walking around seems like a bit of a mission after a nightclub guided tour in Prague. Then consider going to a spa to sweat out those toxins - but what about hair of the dog, you say. Well at a Beer Spa you can combine both! Like a lot of postcard-perfect cities in Central Europe Prague is divided by a river, the Vltava. Perhaps the only way to truly experience Prague on a stag weekend is to take a riverboat and sail down it. Of course you can go with others but why bother when you can hire your own complete with hot Czech girls ready to get down and dirty for you. Cool sights and hot Czech assets what a great combination!

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