'Ya name's down, so ya going in!'

It's usually the opposite right? Well now you can relish casually passing by the long line and waltzing into one of the best nightclubs in Cologne.

We'll arrange a long night of partying for you and the lads at one of Cologne's coolest and trendiest nightclubs. Envious eyes will glare at you as you bypass the entry queue, VIP style.

Inside you'll get a check card with 5 Euros in credit. This can be used towards drinks orders or for coat check. You use your card to pay for drinks in the club. Then pay your balance, minus 5 Euros credit, upon leaving the club. The maximum consumption using the card is 50 Euros.

In addition we can get you table reservation, plus pre-ordered bottles for your table.

NOTE: Losing the check card means you'll have to pay 50 Euros as a fine! CLOSED UNTIL 16. FEBRUARY 2017 FOR RENOVATION!