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Cologne Stag Do

Stag Party Holidays in Cologne

A Cologne stag do promises to provide a party mood throughout the entire year. This carnival city on the river Rhine will provide you with some unforgettable nights. With unique beer, great nightlife and friendly locals, Cologne is the perfect destination for a stag do or weekend away with the lads.

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Cologne City Guide for Stag Weekends

Cologne Stag Do

Situated in the West of Germany, Cologne is the country’s fourth largest city behind Berlin, Hamburg and Munich and has a population of just over 1 million. The city skyline is dominated by its breathtaking Cathedral, Cologne’s number one tourist attraction which dates back to 1248. The city’s cable car was the first to cross a river in Europe and it allows you to obtain amazing panoramic views and spot other landmarks such as the Hohenzollern Bridge. As we detail below, Cologne is a great city for partying and if you are in town in February ensure that you do not miss the amazing costumes and floats of the Kölle Alaaf Festival.

Flying to Cologne


Seats on board a direct Ryanair flight start from as little as £40 return from London Stagnated, though there are also (direct) flights from Edinburgh and Manchester. Easyjet and German Wings also make the daily trip from Gatwick and Heathrow respectively. Not only are the seats cheap but the flight takes just in excess of one hour!

Cologne is located in  the far west of Germany, and in the Summer it gets consistently good weather. With averages of 18 in July and August, and highs of 23 – clearly, if you want a bit of a tan, then that’s when to go. May and June are also decent, with highs of 18 and 21 respectively.

Nightlife Action in Cologne

 cologne nightclubs and bars - stag do

Similarly to its biggest brother Berlin, nightlife in Cologne is exciting, varied and colourful.  Whether you are a fan of the electronic scene or like to rock out to the latest indie bands, Cologne can cater for your party needs. If you are smart then you will invest in one of our English speaking bar guides who will take you to the best hangouts in town. If you’re not so smart then head to what the locals know as “Die Ringe” (The Ring) which runs from Friesenplatz to Barbarossaplatz squares. Alternatively some of the best other nightlife is found in and around the Zülpicher Straße and Luxemburger Straße streets, full of pubs, cocktail bars and nightclubs.

A nightlife in Cologne will be a wild ride, but you should ensure your troops are well fed before they start to seriously hit the beers. Eating may be cheating but you’ll need some good grub inside you if you want to be the last man standing. But this being Pissup we don’t just have reservations to nice restaurants up our sleeves, we have to throw in strippers too! Book our Strip Dinner or our Burger and Strip meal and enjoy a big meal full of delicious red meat and enjoy a different kind of (sexy) flesh for dessert!

When you finally hit the bars and clubs of the city, especially on your first night, you’ll want to head to the best places with the liveliest atmospheres. That’s where our Bar Crawl comes in. We’ll set you up with a fun, outgoing local guide who’ll take you through the best nightspots in the city. That way you’ll avoid dive bars with overpriced drinks. Just let them know what kind of spot you’re looking for and they will take you to the places you want to go. Sorted! And why not include night club entry and enjoy a Pub Crawl and Clubbing – Private Tour. That way your whole night will be organised for you…as we like to say: we’ll do the thinking you do the drinking.

Stag Action in Cologne - Babes & Bruises!

stag action in Cologne - Pissup

A Cologne stag do would not be complete without a bit of female flesh! The city’s Cathedral is not the only beautiful sight in this town and we will take you to the best Strip Clubs where only the hottest girls dance. 

Want to ensure the groom leaves Cologne suitably (but not totally) wrecked? Well take him to on an Paintball Outdoor afternoon and make sure you get him bruised up good! If you’re not feeling so vindictive, and want to foster a little team spirit, then try your hand at Rafting, where you and the boys will paddle through the choppy waters of the Rhine – hopefully you’ll all stay onboard in one piece!

For a combination of team spirit and good old fashioned competition book our Bubble Football – lots of laughs guaranteed. This is perfect for lads who fancy a kick a about with a twist. You’ll each be kitted out in Sumo-style suits and then you’ll get to play a spot of classic game of football but with a serious handicap! Trust us: it won’t be long before you are literally rolling on the floor laughing. If you want a more traditional game of five-a-side football we offer that too. And why not complete this football-crazy weekend with a trip to FC Cologne’s grounds where you’ll get a guided stadium tour. We’ve got it all for lads who love the beautiful game!

Cool Chillout in Cologne with a Beer

Cologne relaxing activities - Stag Do

It’s not all about party, party, party on your Cologne stag weekend. Well, okay, it is – but sometimes you’ve just got to get out of the bar and soak in some of the culture. And, luckily, ‘culture’ in Cologne means beer! There is plenty of chances to sample the famous brew houses of Cologne and their local tipple known as Kolsch. We offer a tour of some of the city’s best beer gardens!

If you fancy seeing this city’s stunning sites in a more unorthodox way then you can hire our beer bike. Enjoy Cologne’s amazing beauty on a bike that up to six of you can climb on. We equip you with a local English speaking guide and we make two pit stops in the process to quench your thirst.

What about if you just want to kick back and chill out after a hard night’s partying it up with Pissup? Head to the Wellness Spa and well, get well! Okay joking aside it is good to lay off the booze a little bit when you’re on a stag weekend, especially in the day. Save the early evening for hair of the dog and relax in a sauna and sweat out those toxins. Likewise if you want to do a bit of sightseeing but aren’t up for huge treks across the city then a River Cruise might be just the thing for you. Sail up the Rhine and see the city of Cologne from the best angles; and for those of you who need, ah, ‘refreshing’ drink and snacks will be on board.

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