Attention those looking for Prague shooting activities! Prague Pissup® proudly presents the exclusive heavy machine gun offer. You will not find a wider range of weapons that you are able to fire anywhere else in Europe. This event will ensure that you return from your Prague weekend with some explosive memories.

Few shooting ranges around the world offer Kalashnikov AK-47s or heavy machine guns as special permits and facilities are required to handle the power. At this awesome, centrally located, Prague shooting range you will shoot various weapons including revolvers (9mm CZ and .357 inch Magnum by Smith&Wesson) SA58 semi-automatic machine gun. All of these weapons are fired in addition to Russia's most famous export - the Kalashnikov (AK-47).

You'll alos get 5 shots per person with pump-action shotgun. Any crazy James Bond enthusiasts can always purchase extra ammo at discounted prices on-site.

The price includes comfortable return transport, all necessary equipment (ear and eye protection, targets, weapons), an English speaking guide, experienced firearm instructor and properly maintained weapons - all for your safety. For obvious reasons, you can't do this activity if you're leathered. After the event you can have a drink to lower your adrenaline as the range will provide you with a complimentary bottle of vodka.

Want a flavour of what it's going to be like shooting the AK-47? Check out this video.

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