We're not sure whether this activity should be considred as a "Prank" or a treat...probably the latter!

Have 2 gorgeous maids come to "clean your room"! Imagine the look on the stag's face after the "maids" turn out to be two sexy Czech girls who would rather get down and dirty with each other than clean up! One lucky willing victim (preferably the stag) will be in the middle of it all enjoying the super hot show.

Note: for extra we can bring bubbly and/or bottles of Czech beer to your hotel to make the experience extra fun!

The perfect cure for any hangover: Start a morning of your Prague stag break with a lesbian show with two stripper maids! Rise and shine now!

After the stag has enjoyed this "prank" why not book our Stag Arrest prank and have the stag shaking with fear...until the truth is revealed of course.