SWAT shooting in Tallinn is one of the most epic stag weekend activities you can do: you'll get to fire weapons that aren't even legal in the UK! From glocks to sniper rifles to the infamous M4 Tactical carbine, this is certainly a top event!

The weapons include:

Walther P 22
Pistol with laser-sight and silencer.

Glock carbine
 Semia-utomatic Glock carbine with red dot sight. Caliber 9x19. Special forces favourite!

Glock 17Pistol Glock17 with laser-sight, caliber 9x19 PARA. Space-age plastic gun with laser sight.

Just like in the movies!

M4 Tactical carbine

 US army special operations Hi-tec gun with 
zoomable red dot sight. You can't miss 
the target! Bullet velocity 1050 m/s

Saiga 12It is Spetznaz "roomcleaner" what is basically AK47 that uses shotgun rounds. We use red-dot sight.

You can shoot shotgun cartridgers so fast, that you cannot even imagine it!

Sniper-rifle Tikka TacticalIt is full calibre long-range sniper-rifle!