Our Best Selling Stag Activities

So you’re looking for some stag do ideas abroad.  Where do you start? Luckily you’ve come to the right place! Allow us to fuel your thoughts. You are going to need some essential ingredients:

image of a stag group dressed up on a bar guide

Bar Guide & VIP strip club

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In all of our destinations we offer you a guide who will take you to the coolest bars, chicest clubs and sexiest strip joints. Their local knowledge ensures that you avoid the city’s tourist traps and get to see the best venues possible.

You cannot have a stag do without beer. So you are going to need great night life, bars & Clubs. How do you do all that in a strange city? A Pissup bar Guide. We provide one in every city.

If you’re looking for stag or hen do ideas abroad, then we have them in abundance! In some cities we even have Tottie Tours or Strip-club-crawls you may call them.

Firing Desert eagle at shooting range in Tallinn

Shooting guns in Eastern Europe

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We don’t mean just shooting guns, although this is a great activity, but having at least one activity you can do as a group your stag will never forget. If you have not shot a real gun before, then start with that. The No.1 activity for stags, shooting real guns can be booked in any city with many choices.

The majority of our cities have a local range but the real heavy artillery can be found in Budapest, Tallinn and Krakow where liberal gun laws mean that you lot can get to grips with weapons ranging from Uzis to AK-47s.

Indoor go kart racing close-up

I thought you said go-kart?

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A classic stag do activity. We will take you to tracks in…

Image of Stag Party Smurf JokeSmurfs and midget strippers

Amsterdam. If you’re feeling the effects of the night before then we have a little fella to help you beat the blues. Our very own smurf puts his handcuffs to good use, making him a permanent feature in your afternoon. He’ll provide great entertainment regardless of how lazy, grouchy or sleepy you may feel.

Little Sara in Barcelona

5 Crazy Stag Pranks

The Fake Bride is a traditional Stag Prank that will get the groom nervous

Fake Bride Prank

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Exclusive to Prague and best organised after a heavy night of drinking or before the return transfer to the airport. Our lovely local will turn up with her passport, suitcase and fake wedding certificate ready to return to her new home with her new hubby! The stunt ends with her doing what she does best and giving your stag party a great final memory.

Sexy Hitch Hiker Showing Her Assets for stag prank

A bit sexier that your normal loser holding a piece of cardboard at the side of the road. Our Pissup bus will pick her up and she will show her appreciation for the ride by removing all of her clothes!  This prank is available all of our destinations.

A fake arrest is a classic prank for stag weekends

Stag Arrest Prank

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One of our more realistic stunts exclusive to Krakow, which sees two undercover cops nick the stag on a night out for the bag of powder found in his pocket!

the ultimate stag revenge prank

The Ultimate Stag Revenge

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Exclusive to Budapest this prank is designed for the stag to play on the best man. Tired of all the humiliating stunts he’s played on you? Get some revenge at dinner or whilst in a bar. The stunt includes a large lady, warm fanta and some toilet humour. We wont go into detail!

image of Sara the barcelona midget stripper in police costume

Little Sara in barcelona

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Doesn’t the picture say it all?

image of albatros fighter jet flight

Jet Fighter Flight

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Exclusive to Prague this one really is for our adrenaline junkies. We will strap you into the Czech made L-39 Albatros Jet, designed as the primary jet trainer for Russian MiG pilots. The pilot will climb at over 4,000ft/Minute, rolling and forcing your back into your fully functional ejection seat at over 700 km/h. Just what you need with a hangover!

Bungee Jumping sparks some adrenaline on your stag weekend
Bungee Jumping for the Stag

Sofia provides the settings for our bungee jumping. This one really is not for the faint hearted. No instructors or guide for this trip, just you, a massive elastic cord and 120 metres to the floor! Makes me sick just thinking about it!

Tandem Parachuting Stag Making Funny Faces
Stag Tandem Parachute Jump

In Warsaw we give you the opportunity to jump out of a plane from 4,000ft! This really is one turbo charged experience and one of the top buzzes that we offer. We can organise photos or videos or the event and will provide transfers to and back from the hotel… or hospital.

Indoor Skydiving
Scared of heights but still fancy the buzz of freefall? We’ll take you to indoor vertical wind tunnels in Riga, Prague and soon Budapest where you can experience wind speeds up to 340 kph. Although you may not get the panoramic views, you get an increase in freefall time, with each of you getting three sets of 2 minute flying time.