Stag Party Ideas

Stag Party Ideas

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Stag Party Ideas

Hands down, the best stag do activities in Europe

There are tonnes of cool things to do on your stag do weekend! Get some ideas here, and browse through our activity categories.

Stag Do Destination Ideas

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Eastern Europe

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Drive go-karts, shoot paintballs, peddle and booze-it-up on a beer bike and then go on a wild Budapest nightlife tour - all this will ensure your last weekend of freedom will be unforgettable! Whether you have your stag do in Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam or Prague - book with Pissup you and the boys will experience a stag do that will go down in legend for years to come!

Stag Do Checklist: 10 steps that will help you prepare

  • 1. Plan who to invite
  • 2. Decide when to go
  • 3. Brainstorm what the stag would like / not like
  • 4. Agree on a budget & assign tasks
  • 5. Vote where to go and how to get there
  • 6. Figure out where to stay (accommodation)
  • 7. Plan some crazy activities for during the day
  • 8. Arrange your night out (Book tables, transport...)
  • 9. Plan a surprise (Prank, Strip, etc...)
  • 10. Book everything and get everyone to pay on time!


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Stag Themes

Check out our other sections and blog articles for more detailed info on activities and practical joke ideas that will make your weekend one to remember. But while we can help with shooting with AK-47s and pranking the stag, sorting out the costume theme, dares, and some drinking games are just as important.

Getting a theme sorted is a must on a stag weekend. This is important for two reasons. First, practically speaking, if you’re in an unfamiliar city you need to keep up with the group - sticking together when you’re three sheets to the wind is easier when you’re all in a distinct costume. Second, a themed costume will make you all feel like you’re an army, united for the weekend. Third is simple: it’s a laugh and peacocking can get you loads of attention from the local ladies.

What that costume is is up to you: perhaps if you’re all close, a t-shirt each with your nicknames on the back. Maybe you could go for something classic and movie-related like Men in Black or Star Wars. Or if humiliation is your game then get the stag to dress up like a woman while you all follow in sensible gear!

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Stag Challenge

Dares and missions are a must on any stag do weekend. Of course these are different than pranks and drinking games, because they involve the general public. They might be anything from challenging a stranger to a press up competition, to getting the numbers of five foreign girls in one hour. They could be eating competitions – see who can stuff as much food in their mouths without gagging (fat lads need not apply!) or even dressing up as a chick and using the girl’s bathroom like Damon Wayans in ‘White Girls’. There’s plenty of scope to embarrass the stag or find out who is the true alpha male of the group.

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Stag Games

Play with fire you get burned, play with drink you get happy! If your missions don’t go according to plan then there are always drinking games to enliven your bar crawl. The best games are the simplest. With ‘sip or strip’ someone flips a coin and if your call is incorrect you either do a shot or take off an item of clothing (could get messy either way!). Or you can play ‘thumbmaster’, where one guy is chosen as the thumbmaster - if at any point he shows his thumb at the table the rest of the guys must follow suit with the last having to down his drink.

Whatever game you chose it’s great way to get drunk and compete for glory, all at the same time.

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